start from the beginning.

i’ve been toying with the idea of a running blog again for a while and my old running blog just didn’t seem like the place i wanted to turn. tonight, after much ass-dragging today, i headed out for a run. a run that i needed much more than i knew. my god, i love those runs. and as i was out there, feet to pavement, i had an idea for a new blog.


i came home with two ideas: “run shay (or shay-shay) run” and “see shay run.” i preferred the latter, but i didn’t say so when i sent a text message to my littlest sister just before i jumped into the shower. when i returned, she responded in agreement and i got to work.

you see, i’ve been in a tiny rut – or at least it seems that way, with my running and with writing about it. i keep forgetting that just over two months ago i had a (what many would call “major”) surgery. and patience is not one of my strongest suits, so i’ve been anxiously working toward getting back to the shape i was in prior to my surgery. you know, when i could run 18 miles and feel recovered two days later.

i’ve got some running news coming in the next few weeks, too, but the details are still coming together, and i’m not quite ready to share until i can tell you ALL about what i’m getting involved in.

in the meantime, this past sunday – the actual one, not today, which is actually wednesday, but felt like sunday because of the holiday – i set a goal for myself: to run every single day in the month of july.

you see, in june i missed running 100 miles by 10 stinkin’ miles. i’m happy with 90…but the truth is, i was just mostly lazy and i hadn’t set a goal.

i do much better with goals in mind.

so, in july i’m setting out to run every day. and i also want to try to write about my runs everyday. i know i’m already behind since it is already the 4th, but i’ve gotta start somewhere. so here goes.

i’ll try to keep it all running-related here.

i may deviate to yoga once in a while. because really, the two compliment each other. and i am also working on getting back into a strength routine, so weights may rear their (ugly?) head.

like i said, i’ve got to start somewhere. i would love to hear from you, too! do you have running questions? comments? opinions on things you’d like me to write about. leave a comment. or, shoot me an email.

until next time (tomorrow, let’s hope!)….

sweaty much?
yup, it’s still sweltering after 8pm in madison!

3 thoughts on “start from the beginning.

  1. When I started my blog last month, I too thought it would be ‘all about the running”. And while for the most part it is, I do find myself writing a range of different posts…
    On another note, its awesome to find a fellow runner who also does yoga! Yoga and swimming are my cross training workouts. I recently picked up Vinyasa flow yoga (level 2 class) and it kicks my butt every time! Lots of balance poses (good for me and my weak left ankle) and core work. I’m always sore in my upper and lower body the day after…
    I’d be interested in any running stories you have about training or participating in events etc… since I am only just starting this ‘running to train for a half marathon business’ rather than running to stay in shape. Good luck with your running goals!

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