today i ran on the treadmill.

i say that independently as if it’s a thing in and of itself alone. running on the treadmill.

i ran on the treadmill for a few reasons. first, my ultimate frisbee game tonight was cancelled due to “excessive heat.”

i mean, i guess my car did read 108-degrees Farenheit as i drove home from work this evening. that was the actual temperature. i am positive it felt like it was at least 115-degrees because my A/C in my car on the way home hardly did a thing.

second, my work day was slow. i left work a little after 5pm on tuesday and by 2pm on thursday i had only received TWO legitimate (not spam or auto-forwarded) emails. aye-yae-yea!

so, i ran on the treadmill.

when 2012 started i had this goal….it was “secret” except maybe to one or two friends. it was to NOT run on the treadmill this year. i’ve tried and tried and i’ve run outside in hot weather and cold weather, but i didn’t run on that (near) torture machine. until today.

and i’ll tell you what: it wasn’t half bad!

yep, you heard it here first. it was ok. it wasn’t great. but it was not even close to miserable.

i guess that i’ve been missing out – just a little bit, on a few of the things that running on the treadmill offers. for example:

  • a controlled environment. there wasn’t any unexpected wind or elements while i ran today. instead, i set the fan on high behind me and ran without worrying. i also didn’t have to worry for a second about sidewalks, other runners, pedestrians, dogs, bikers on the sidewalks, where i might stop for water, and a number of other things. there is, undoubtedly, some value in that!
  • i could focus in on my form. i toyed around with paying attention to steps per breath. or steps per mile. or even, steps per minute. i think the most important thing i realized here was that i have NOT been paying attention to these things in quite some time.
  • and then there was footstrike. i’ve been a little “off” for months. mostly, none of it bothers me at all while i’m running, but it’s when i’m sitting still that i recognize my hips are a little misaligned or that my lower back is a little tight. the thing is, when i ran on the treadmill today, my hip pain showed up at the beginning and then it seemed to even itself out rather quickly. i recognized how my feet were hitting and how my arms were moving and how my hips were rotating.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that the lesson i learned on the treadmill today was that it pays to switch it up once in a while! i know this, but sometimes i forget. sometimes we all forget that a change of pace – diverting from the norm occasionally can do a body good.

the treadmill may never be my machine of choice, but i am smart enough to see it’s value. i am wise enough to recognize  that it might be good for me a few times a year.

oh, the things we can see – what we can learn if we only open our minds and our whole selves long enough to let it sink in. i won’t take that for-granted. not today. not tomorrow. not ever.

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