doing life.

i am so sorry that i’ve been a little absent from the interwebs this week. the last time i wrote to you from beautiful door county, I was about to start a fun-filled few days with family and friends.

my weekend was excellent, but since getting back to madison at 9pm Sunday night i haven’t really had a chance to sit down and reboot and i actually came home with some sort of stomach issues (a bug, perhaps?) that kept me from running for most of the past week. nonetheless, i’m glad to say that i’m back. and i am here. and while the next few weeks will be busy, busy i’m going to try to be better about posting because it is a good time for me to sit down and get myself grounded a little.

i ran today and i’ve determined that at least a little of what’s been ailing my stomach is coffee. i don’t know if it is bad beans or if i just need to cut back, but i’m going to take a bit of a break from it and see what happens.

and even though i didn’t spend tons of time online last week, i did manage to stumble upon a few athletic-related pieces of awesomeness that i wanted to share with you all.

first, the olympics started (!!!!!) friday. i’m pumped because i actually KNOW a few people competing and it’s all really inspiring and somewhere i found this video (probably on twitter) and it is just too good not to share.

am i right?

the other thing i found, actually, while i was at work perusing news clips like i do many days of the week was the story of a woman who set out weeks ago to circumnavigate lake michigan on her own. her cause was to raise money for breast cancer – specifically for the program she started in chicago to help women recover from breast cancer.

i had heard about this program in the past and a similar one was started here in madison recently. i felt a kinship with Jenn who was a collegiate rower – having the same varsity coach as me at different times and different schools. and also, one of my rowing teammates’ mom is a cox’n for the crew in chicago. so, when i saw the headline and the story, i couldn’t believe my eyes. a week ago today, Jenn was attacked and sexually assaulted on her boat. she got to safety and she has decided to continue on her journey. i don’t have words for the awesomeness that is Jenn and her spirit and resolve and i don’t know her in person, but what i do know is that she need just under $48,000 to reach her fundraising goal.

so, i encourage you to checkout her page, Row 4 Row, to read the story, and to donate if you can (every $10 helps!).

and last, i’m hoping to get back into my real training plan again tomorrow. i had high hopes for today. i went to a local running store to get myself setup with some new shoes. and you see, i did end up purchasing a pair but i had to place a special order (for a better color…and YES, i do care about stuff like that). anyway, the delayed gratification is nearly killing me. the order will go through tomorrow and in the meantime, i’ll just post a picture of them so i can come back to it easily and drool over it until they arrive.

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