a case of the mondays.

i meant to get up for a run before work to start off my monday morning – to start off my work week, but my loud-y upstairs neighbor was banging around that he woke me up in the middle of the night and after i finally fell asleep again, i tossed and turned until i finally got out of bed.

and that along with my not drinking coffee and returning to work meant i was a little slow for most of the day. that’s not to say i didn’t get a fair amount of work done – i did! and i was pretty focused all day. except for when i decided to (remembered to) sign up for my upcoming 50k.

i must have 50 miles on the brain because i inadvertently hit the wrong race to register for….

and then i proudly posted on the race’s facebook page that i was all signed up. for 50k. but the facebook administrator (whom i assume is probably the race director, too) kindly commented below me that, well, see for yourself:


i’m sure glad for the personal experience that is signing up for a race like this where the race director and also, my friend Angie, call me out for my nearly ridiculous blunders. oh, and i am more than grateful that the price for both races is the same so i can just transfer over to the correct distance.

oh boy, some days….

do you have days like that? mondays? other days of the week? what do you do to make it better?

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