july: a recap.

did i say a month ago that one of my goals was to run everyday? 

i can’t remember.

i ran 20 of 31 days. not too shabby. but i can do better!

another thing i know is that i set out to run at least 100 miles and i did it. 125 miles in july. finally – back on track!

i’m a little behind where i was a year ago – in terms of monthly mileage, but i’m also a way different athlete, so that doesn’t make me too anxious.

i guess it is time to set some goals for august, huh?

how about this:

run 25 of 31 days

go to yoga at least 5 times

do 10′ of core work 15 times this month

i’d be lying to you if i didn’t mention that i’ve been pretty inspired by the olympics. as i watched my friend Kristin row in her repechage a few days ago, after waking myself up at 3:15 and then 4:15 am to see her live, i got teary-eyed. i’m feel pretty lucky to know someone as awesome as Kristin and i’m also inspired to keep charging forward as best i can toward my own goals.

some days i wonder if i should or could start rowing again?

that might just be the olympic-high talking though.

but all that said, i’m fired up.

from my own focus on running to frisbee to committing to getting up to cheer on my friend from afar – hoping she can feel the Wisco love from across the big pond…i’m so ready to go.

let’s do this.

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