25 things about me: running version.

1. i remember the first time i went for a “long” run – the summer after my first year of college. it was maybe an hour long. i suffered the entire time.

2. if you let me get on a soapbox about running (or being active) i will talk until i’m blue in the face.

3. rowing in college was my best collegiate decision.

4. i hate feeling less than 100%

5. chances are that if i’m feeling achy or  near injury i’ll push through it

6. i’m also self-diagnosing the sh*t outta whatever i’m feeling

7. which means: (and yes, you’ve probably guessed it!) i’m stubborn as hell.

8. i’m unlikely to admit it though. that i’m…um…stubborn…umm, who? me?

9. and frankly, stubbornness is what makes me a freak of nature

10. i mean, ultra distance-lover

11. also, i would have never survived 4 years of rowing at the University of Wisconsin if i weren’t stubborn.

12. or competitive.

13. i’m mostly competitive with myself. mostly.

14. that’s one of the primary reasons i keep going. because i want to see what i can do.

15. it’s also one of the reasons that i’m absolutely going to do an Ironman triathalon someday. to prove to myself that i can do it.

16. i eat to run…

17. but i run to eat – just as much.

18. some days i despise listening to music. some days i listen to crazy pop and dance music. and sometimes i can only deal with calming, folkie-indie tunes while i run.

19. i absolutely remember running my first half marathon and proudly proclaiming that i’d never run a full marathon.

20. three years later – i  am signed up for my second 50-miler

21. what was i thinking????

22. oh yeah, i just got two new pairs of shoes. maybe that will distract me for a moment.

23. in the meantime, i love running.

24. i also (especially lately) love sleeping in. which means 7:15 am, in case you were wondering.

25. i wouldn’t trade my life, my legs, my livelihood – for the world.

2 thoughts on “25 things about me: running version.

  1. About 80% od these apply to me, but 6, specifically, made me laugh out loud, because they are SO true for the both of us! 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, and 22! Love it.

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