number ten.

this is my tenth post in this new space and i’m going to celebrate it. not really because TEN is a huge milestone, but because i find it helpful to celebrate the steps.

right now i’m gearing up to move to a new home and doing some big things at work and so some of the time both running and writing about it has fallen a little to the wayside. at least in terms of quantity. i’m hoping the quality is up to par, though.

next week, a week from today, i’ll be heading North…way North (to another state) with my friend Angie to run (survive?) a 50k adventure. i’m excited that we’ll get to run along one of the most scenic shorelines in the USA, i’m excited to get some quality running time in with one of my favorite running buddies and i’m excited to spend some major time on my feet because my goal race is quickly approaching.

next weekend we’ll be running the Marquette Trail 50 along the shores of Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan.

checkout the website. no, really! in particular, i feel like anyone interested in this race should see the pictures.

and also, there was this note at the bottom of the website:

ok, so i’m really looking forward to just simply staying mostly upright and enjoying the day and well, staying alive!

and after that…and i’m sure i’ll have a great report to share with you all afterwards, i’m going to recover and then hit it hard for a few more weeks until the big show: The North Face Endurance Challenge.

if you’re even considering doing a race at this event, i think you should checkout this video:

in my opinion, the great thing about the Endurance Challenge is that there is a distance for everyone. and on top of that, if you’ve never run a trail race before, i would highly encourage you to give it a shot.

hint, hint: trail runners are especially awesome folks! (plus, you might even get to see Dean Kazarnes at the event!)

so, that’s my tenth post here. a little bit more about what’s been going on here and what’s to come and a push for you to checkout the Endurance Challenge. you can click through to the website, too, on my right sidebar —–>> (yes, over there) to the registration page to checkout prices and race distances.

i would LOVE to see you there!

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