RE = rest. renew. reset. and restart.

january flew by and with it, likely my fitness, as well. i can’t believe that it is already february and i cannot remember a time in the last couple of yeas when i have actually rested like i have for over a month. at first i felt twitchy and lazy but as my body has worked itself out of a nasty cold over the past week and in talking to a friend, i realized that what my body really did need was a good long, real, solid rest.

i haven’t run longer than an hour in ages. probably since november, actually. i’ve been out cross country skiing twice. yoga’d a few times. and mostly, i’ve been resting. after struggling with forced time off and a minor, but nagging injury over the past year rest was the only option.
earlier today another friend posted the following on her facebook wall:
“sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing.” (-eckhart tolle)
and without really realizing it, i needed to surrender – whether i liked it  or not (and i didn’t particularly like it).
and so i find myself here. i’ve rested. i feel renewed. i have hit reset.
but HOW do i RESTART?
that’s what’s perplexing me right now. and i’ve been in this spot before, but without as much wisdom as i have now. i think the next step – the restarting, at least for me, is a careful combination of planning and doing.
another thing i saw yesterday, on facebook, and from the same friend as the first quote was this:
“get in the room.”
and it is good advice, from someone i look up to and respect that has helped to keep me motivated and honest in the past.
i know what i need to do. i need to start doing. i need to show up. act. and “get in the room.” it’s really as simple as that.
here goes!

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