examining goals.

i’m not one for new years resolutions. i just think it is a little silly – and that’s just me. i’m more of a type of person that thinks that we can begin anything anytime, regardless of the time of year.

that’s not to say that i don’t like milestones. i do. i celebrate them.

so, when 2013 rolled around, i figured i would just focus on the good things in my life over the past year and continue to build on and to be thankful for that. nonetheless, somewhere along the line  (january 2nd, maybe), i decided that instead of making a bunch of unrealistic resolutions i would take a month to focus on one thing that would, in general, make me happier – make life better.

i ended up saying something like, “my goal for january is to get up when my alarm goes off.” something to that note.

it was less about getting and much more about getting enough sleep. getting up when my alarm went off (when it goes off) means that i’m going to bed at the right time. it means that i am getting to work earlier. which ultimately means leaving when it’s still light out. all of these things are a direct result of getting up when my alarm goes off.

i wasn’t a dummy when i set that goal. i set it purposefully. i knew it would add value to my days.

and somewhere along the line i remarked that i thought i would set a goal for each month of this year – building on the last – always adding value.

but now it’s february 12th and i have just realized that i haven’t set a goal for february. and really, i’m not happy with that. i am a bit disappointed that i forgot. that i got caught up and didn’t remember what i thought (at the time) was a pretty brilliant idea.

i guess i’m a bit disappointed because i wasn’t mindful.

and as i type that out, i realize that perhaps my goal should be to be more mindful. for the rest of february – for the next 16 days (15, i suppose), i am going to be more mindful.

this goes full circle. this post and my goals. i may have realized and have gone through the emotions of being disappointed of losing sight of my goals, but i didn’t dwell in it. i returned to my original goal. i added another. and now, i’m back on track.

there is value in feeling disappointed or realizing you’re not achieving – in life and in athletics. i’ve learned that over the years. it’s much more about being able to recognize those [potential] weaknesses – and acknowledging them and moving forward than about ignoring them and letting them drag you (ME!) down.

always examine your goals. return to them. don’t be afraid to tweak them. i suppose that’s just one of the reasons i’m opposed to “new years resolutions” – it’s because so often they’re made once a year and once you lose sight – even just for a second – you feel like a failure. i’m here- for one, to tell you that that isn’t the case.

examine your goals. be tough. and keep going.

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