spring, i know its here somewhere.

i lost a little of the joy of running late last year. i let my ego get in the way. and also, winter. i ventured to Washington D.C. last week for work and experienced some 50+ degree weather and clear sidewalks and i know that spring, for those of us here in Wisco, it can’t be too far off!

when i returned to Madison last week, it was chillier than i had hoped, but still, i got out for some really good runs over the weekend. i ran on trails and sometimes on ice and through the snow, but it was fun. the added good was that the pain that was plaguing me late last year has subsided.

i think that i am ready – both mentally and physically, to rejoin the running community.

now, i just need to stalk and purchase a new pair of (non-minimalist) shoes.

c’mon spring, i know you’re out there sometime. in the meantime, i’m on the hunt for my next great pair of shoes…