seriously guys, how did it suddenly become april? i mean, i can remember christmas and that first big snow. now though, there’s no high temperature forecasted below 40-degrees in the ten-day forecast. spring is actually here. i’m confident about that.

my running has changed a bit over the course of the last few months. i’m just realizing this as i type it, so bear with me, but perhaps this is my running life – a two year cycle of peaks and valleys in speed and distance. and i think i am about to embark on a new journey.

in my own mind, i have been going back and forth on this for a while, but i made the decision last week that i need to be smart about starting out again. i was signed up for a 50k in may – a race that was originally a 50-miler a year ago, just before i had surgery. so i postponed the run and then, this year, i decided i would sign up for a 50k instead. 50 miles in may wasn’t going to happen for me. i was smart enough to know that back in december. and i kept promising myself that i’d get going and put in some good miles and run this upcoming 50k even though i’ve just started to feel better.

after some quiet time with my own mind though last week, my better judgement prevailed and i made the decision to see if i could shift down to the half marathon race. the race director is great and moved me down.

for me, sometimes it’s not testing my limits so much as it is about setting myself up for success.

when asked why i ultimately decided against doing the Birkie all-together this year the answer was simple – i experienced being completely unprepared when i did the NF50 last fall and i never wanted to experience that again. not if i could help it.

last week, too, a running buddy inquired if i was interested in joining her team to do the MadCity50k. i agreed and i am really excited. we’re going to have a really fun team with a silly name and it’ll be just the thing i need to kickstart my spring.

all in all, i would say that april is off to a good start. spring is here and ready to go!

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