stop MS. donate today. one final push.

hi lovely blog readers! thanks for visiting today. i haven’t been the best blogger, but i’m trying. i wanted to write a post today to share with you a cause that i’m running to raise awareness and funds for – MS Run the US. you can read all about the organization on their site, but i want to tell you why i joined the MS Run Athletes team and why i wanted to raise money for them to begin with.

i set out on this fundraising journey last fall for a few reasons – first, i knew i wanted to give backsomehow and being a part of a running team was an easy way to do it. second, i knew that my efforts in raising money for this specific charity would help a number of people (and their families) that i know and love who deal with MS on a day-to-day basis. and third, it feels really good to be a part of something bigger than me.
and since it’s april 10th, and my deadline to meet my goal is april 21st, i am doing one final push for my fundraising efforts for MS Run the US. and because of that, i’m asking for your help. DONATE HERE.
as of today, i have $1,210 raised of the $3,000 that i’ve committed to. would you consider helping me – and ultimately, many people with MS fight for a cure? chances are, that even if you don’t know me personally, you do know someone who is impacted my MS.
all i ask is that you contribute what you can – even $5 helps!
in a few days, an even bigger team of MS Relay Athletes will begin their run across the US to raise even more awareness and funds for MS research. i encourage you to follow along here. i’ll tell you something – the MS Relay athletes are really something else! (in a GREAT way). they are family members of people with MS, friends of people with MS, and even folks who have MS themselves. if that’s not inspirational, i don’t know what is!
and on Saturday, i’ll be running a 5k, representing MS Run the US here in Madison. you can join me, if you’d like!
thanks for visiting. thanks for your support.
much love,

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