on the rebound.

i have struggled with my running for, oh…the past…maybe 6 months.

my achilles ached. the area around it was angry. i felt lost. none of it was working – neither my emotional self or my physical self could get it together and just run. i began questioning myself. and feeling bad about myself. i didn’t like running and i didn’t like who i was last fall.

so i took some time off. i disengaged. from running and a lot from social media. i attended to other areas of my life, too.

but the thing is, today i got up at 5:45am and i ran. my foray into morning running this morning didn’t seem so foreign. i got some inserts for my shoes yesterday and for the very first time in ages, my on-going pain wasn’t.

i felt renewed.

and the thing i realized during that run this morning and then today while i was starving in the afternoon at work is that i love running for what it is. and i don’t need to ask for more or feel bad for neglecting it.

today’s return reminded me why i run. it showed me who i am and what’s important in my life.

i run in the morning when the streets are still relatively quiet – and waking up. i enjoy the calm and the birds chirping. i love to hear my feet hitting the ground. the smiles and silent glances between strangers –  even thought we’re alike in that we’re out there doing our thing.

that’s what running means to me. i’m on the rebound here. i don’t care so much where i’ve been. the point is that i’m back – on track – to where i’m going.

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