twenty nine.

i’ve been thinking of things that might commemorate my birthday this year: a list of 29 things. they can’t be all about running because frankly, i haven’t been running long enough. maybe a combo of things about running and life? hmm. perhaps. or 29 repeats of a big hill? running-related, no less.

IMG_4680maybe there’s no grand gesture to celebrate another year on earth. that’s a distinct possibility, too.

i don’t even know.

tonight i showed up at practice – with the team i help coach and they humbled me and another coach and friend (whose birthday was today) and lit candles and brought sweet treats and we warmed up briefly and then did about an hour of awesome yoga led by a fellow-coach (and new friend). i felt honored and something. when you do yoga with others – it’s a truly transformative experience.

i guess i felt the love.


(does it break the rules if you type it in all CAPS?)

whatever, NAMASTE, CRRC!

we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

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