american birkebeiner, 2015.

whoa guys…where has February gone?! i mean, for months and months, especially since the start of winter AND even more so, since the start of this year, the primary athletic event at the forefront of my mind has been the Birkie (the American Birkebeiner). i signed up for this event once, a few year ago because some friends were doing it and i thought it might be fun. needless to say, i never actually went and did the race. so, it’s been on my mind and on my (yet to be seen) bucket list ever since. the year i signed up before now i wasn’t committed to training. i think i skied a whopping 2 times that season. and i decided it was best to sit it out.

but this year…this year was different.

maybe a year ago from now, i began making some changes in my life. let’s say – in my personal life. i realized some things i was doing that were opposite of setting myself up for success. some call it self-sabotage. (i usually look at things through rose-colored lenses, though). anyway, i knew, above all else, it was time for a change.

and so much has changed. adios not so great relationships. hello new job that was a bit of a leap. welcome back, training like an actual athlete. oh, and that dust that sat atop the generally fun-loving, quirky, busy, introverted weirdo i am…it’s been dusted off.

i decided to make a change and then things just started becoming more clear and more obvious. and when a few random friends mentioned they were doing the Birkie this year, i though, “well, why the heck not?!”

a funny thing about this race is that it pretty much fills up before Thanksgiving every year and then you wait to see if there will be snow and how darn cold it will be and all of that jazz. this year, there was not a lot of snow, and not too much cold. i’m not going to say that’s a combo i don’t enjoy – except when i’ve signed up for this big race. oh  well! there’s training to be done.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: thank goodness for my friend and ski buddy Cindi who adventured with me (well, she got me to adventure with her) to some ski wonderlands…or i would have had a bit more trouble with this event. not only did she get me out there – she gave me a few excellent tips…and i swear i walked away from Saturday really pleased with my first Birkie result because of them. i heard, “keep your arms closer to your body” about a hundred times. i repeated it to myself about a hundred thousand times on race day. she gave me tips about climbing hills. and BOYYYYY were there hills! and lastly, the night before the race, i got a text that said, ” have fun and don’t crash! ;)”


i went into the race with a baby goal in my mind – to finish close to 5 hours. i’ve said to a few people close to me that i could have probably achieved that if: 1. i hadn’t started in wave 9 and 2. if i had more ski experience. you see, starting in wave 9 meant lots of slow uphills, especially at the start and some backed up downhills throughout the race. also, the conditions were pretty close to “fair” by the time i skied the course. again, oh well! ski on. as for #2, you can really only get better at skiing by skiing more. period.

Birkie, you’d be safe to guess you’ll be seeing me again!

rw quoteone of the things i was really, really looking forward to though in the Birkie though is that i’ve realized over the past 5 or so years…i’m truly an endurance lover. so, as the race goes on, i usually just keep on, too. just coming through the halfway point of the Birkie, i was feeling really good and with just 20k to go, i thought to myself, “this is just like the Lake Monona route and i can almost run that in my sleep.”

not only is the quote above indicative of the feelings i have about distance events, but its also especially fun to think about in terms of cross country skiing.

one of the best things i’ve discovered in training for this event is that, well, for one, i suck at directions. i mean, i’d probably not venture into the woods in the snow on my own. but in xc skiing, you really have no other choice. training for the Birkie and xc skiing is like one of those choose your own adventure books. you can go this way or that and eventually you’ll get where you need to go – but the path is different. it’s no different than any of life except that you actively get to decide over and over again over the course of your ski-venture.

on Birkie day, i took none of that for-granted. and it was amazing. yes, the first 10k or so were brutal on what they call “the powerline.” it’s a constant up and down and up and down and up and down again. at first i thought, “WHAT DID I SIGN UP FOR?!” as my heart was maxing out at 175 beats per minute. but soon after, we headed into the woods and i was like “WHOA, THIS IS GORGEOUS!”

i must have been smiling at the first and second and every aid station. but even in the very beginning, even some of the volunteers noticed. (the volunteers, by the way, fantastic!)

and so it went, i skied and i enjoyed my time out in the woods. i took it all in. there were flurries flying by as i made my way south from Cable to Hayward through one of Wisconsin’s most treasured areas of the Northwoods. somewhere near 20k down, i skied up to my pal Mike who was also out there doing this race for the first time. it was awesome to see him and we ended up skiing together – or nearby one another for i swear close to 10k. and just after we separated, i ran into my friend Kristi who, by this time, is a seasoned Birkie competitor. she joked earlier in the week that she hoped to see me over the weekend, just not on the course, and then, of course, my goal was to chase her down by the end of the 51km. we skied together for a minute and laughed about our encounter and caught up more after we finished.

i wish i had been able to capture, in pictures, the beauty and fun that i had on that Saturday, a few days ago, in the Northwoods in February, but you’ll have to take my word for it…and maybe do the race yourself one day.

instead of going on and on though, i came up with a list of sorts to help explain my experience to all of you. i hope this gives you a simple picture, and some laughs about the experience….

so, without further ado:


2 bus rides – one to the start line and one back to the car at the end of the day

1 trip to the port-a-potties before the race

1/2 banana on my way to the start line. i decided NOT to eat the other half off the ground after 10,000+ people had already walked over that snow

7 restless hours of sleep the night before

1 trip to the UP – to ABR ski area for the inaugural ski of this season

30 (or more) laps at Lapham Peak ski area on their man-made loop of snow

1 day of skiing at Iola Winter Sports Park

1 long day of skiing at 9-mile in Wausau

6 coats of wax – an estimate because i actually don’t know how to wax my own skis

25 – dollars spent on hand and toe warmers this winter

2 warm (thanks to hand warmers in my vest pockets on race day) vanilla power gels

1 disgustingly cold vanilla bean GU (seriously, the hand warmer idea was GOLDEN. have you ever had cold GU? take my word and don’t try it)

10-ish cups of lukewarm water at aid stations

12-ish cups of warm ENERGY. which volunteers shouted to indicate they had either Nuun Hydration or GU Energy drink for us. ENERGYENERGYENERGY!

3-4 ‘nilla wafer cookies

1 oreo-like cookie

1/4 chocolate chip cookie. i could have eaten the entire cookie at the top of this hill

1 bitch hill. no, really, that’s what the locals call it. also, where i had the heavenly chocolate chip cookie piece.

2 (or 3) snowmobile gangs. these guys were hilarious and made me laugh. they’d heckle you and tell you to slow down around sharper turns…but cheer if you made it through unscathed.

1 easy fall trying to step around someone who had fallen right in front of me early in the race.

0 crashes!

1 shot from the shot ski or an apple pie-like beverage. also: a proud member of the 39k club!

51 kilometers through the Northwoods of Wisconsin from Cable to Hayward, WI

2 big cups of chicken noodle soup afterwards

1 bitch hill belgian ale at the angry minnow brewpub with dinner

countless smiles and high fives and congrats.



ok, there you have it! this was one of the best things i’ve ever done. going back to the quote, and to a year ago, i had no idea what the past 12 months would hold, but by actively choosing my own adventure in life, by choosing another path, i got to show up last weekend ready to tackle just about anything. i got to tackle the amazing American Birkiebeiner!

AND, i realize that i get to do that, to choose my own adventure every single day.




muse monday: lauren fleshman edition

its great to have goals and sometimes i arrive at the point of a new goal by witnessing the awesome going on around me and being inspired. a few weeks ago, maybe longer, #sisterhero Lauren Fleshman posted somewhere on social media about some of her lady muses. as someone who loves to see women applaud and celebrate one another, i loved this!

i’ve been following Lauren since she ran the NYC Marathon in 2011 and ever since, i’ve been fan girl-ing so hard. sure, she’s an friggin amazing athlete, a successful business owner, a great partner to another successful athlete, and an inspiring mom to one cute baby. but i think what struck me is that she’s never been anything other than sincere.

when you’re not an elite athlete, it’s easy to think that those who are are some of the “haves” and those of us who aren’t elites, well, that we’re the “have not’s” but in following Lauren, it never seems that way. she suffers like the rest of us – through tough runs and injury and constantly evaluating priorities. she seems, in a word, brave because she stands up for what’s real.

true story: i decided a few months ago to join the #PickyClub and one of the perks was a t-shirt with my membership. I tweeted Lauren about the shirt sizing and she replied back to me. directly. and within an hour or two. seriously! (follow her!)

by theunnamed-1 way, my shirt arrived – and fits just as i’d hoped…

and not only that, but the Picky Bars are great, too!

ok, ok…back to why I think Lauren is great. i struggled for over a year with some yucky injury and at the same time, she was sharing her rehab and her return to getting into racing shape after becoming a mother. there are no frills. just honesty and hard work.

she’s inspired me, from afar, to go after my dreams. to realize that while there may be setbacks along the way, it’s always a good idea to try again, and she’s also reminded me to surround myself with other people who want to do great things. i love following Lauren online and i love the opportunity to support a person in whatever way i can as they strive for their own goals.

so, thank you to my inaugural monday muse, Lauren Fleshman. i’m inspired everyday and especially the days when i get the opportunity to believe a bit more in what’s to come!

what are your goals and who are the people that inspire you to get after it?!


on goals.

I’ve been stewing on this post and a few others for a little bit now. here’s the thing: we’ve all got goals. for me, goal setting has been a way to set myself in motion – to move toward something. in the past, I’ve done a fairly good job at achieving the goals I’ve set for myself, but I haven’t been as structured as I strive to be. this year is the year I’m working, wholeheartedly to change that.

a while back, Oiselle founder Sally B. tweeted the following (oh, and follow her, you won’t regret it):


and I was all like, “YESYESYES, somebody is on the same page as me!!!”

the thing about goals, and often about setting goals is that they’re usually a destination. something to achieve. somewhere to go. for me, time, a race distance, a finish line…pushing myself to the next level or to see what my limits are.

and that’s all fine and good, but as I get older I also realize that goals aren’t usually achieved in a straight line. and they don’t always have a definitive end.

and that is ok!

last month for me was a spectacular running month. I got way back into the running groove, systematically building my long miles up. suddenly I found myself with 10 or so days left in the month though sort of grabbing for an arbitrary goal of running 100 miles in the month of January. great in theory, but after a few days of self-debate, i realized my primary goal for right now – to get in shape for the Birkie. so, 100 running miles is an ok goal, just not when your next race is a 51km race on cross country skis.

adjust. simplify. edit. anchor. and go forward.

and greater than that, it takes some real strength, in my opinion, to take a step back and remember your own goals and not to get caught up in what they awesome people around you are doing. you certainly can’t achieve another person’s goals for them and that will certainly not make you happy or satisfied. expend your energy elsewhere.

I took January to set some good habits knowing that whatever life throws in the path of me achieving my goals…I can handle. this afternoon, it snowed and I could have made a ton of excuses for not running, but instead I got my booty out and did it.


and I’m so glad I did. another thing I’ve been working on is being conscious of my goals and the steps I’m taking in their direction. I’m not only doing this for me, but also for the kids I get the privilege to coach. I want them to know that they can brave the elements and whatever life tosses their way – that road blocks aren’t permanent and that its all going to be ok.

call me crazy, but I’ve been an athlete for over 20 years of my life and one thing I know for sure is that if you keep going, you’ll see that goal come alive.