on goals.

I’ve been stewing on this post and a few others for a little bit now. here’s the thing: we’ve all got goals. for me, goal setting has been a way to set myself in motion – to move toward something. in the past, I’ve done a fairly good job at achieving the goals I’ve set for myself, but I haven’t been as structured as I strive to be. this year is the year I’m working, wholeheartedly to change that.

a while back, Oiselle founder Sally B. tweeted the following (oh, and follow her, you won’t regret it):


and I was all like, “YESYESYES, somebody is on the same page as me!!!”

the thing about goals, and often about setting goals is that they’re usually a destination. something to achieve. somewhere to go. for me, time, a race distance, a finish line…pushing myself to the next level or to see what my limits are.

and that’s all fine and good, but as I get older I also realize that goals aren’t usually achieved in a straight line. and they don’t always have a definitive end.

and that is ok!

last month for me was a spectacular running month. I got way back into the running groove, systematically building my long miles up. suddenly I found myself with 10 or so days left in the month though sort of grabbing for an arbitrary goal of running 100 miles in the month of January. great in theory, but after a few days of self-debate, i realized my primary goal for right now – to get in shape for the Birkie. so, 100 running miles is an ok goal, just not when your next race is a 51km race on cross country skis.

adjust. simplify. edit. anchor. and go forward.

and greater than that, it takes some real strength, in my opinion, to take a step back and remember your own goals and not to get caught up in what they awesome people around you are doing. you certainly can’t achieve another person’s goals for them and that will certainly not make you happy or satisfied. expend your energy elsewhere.

I took January to set some good habits knowing that whatever life throws in the path of me achieving my goals…I can handle. this afternoon, it snowed and I could have made a ton of excuses for not running, but instead I got my booty out and did it.


and I’m so glad I did. another thing I’ve been working on is being conscious of my goals and the steps I’m taking in their direction. I’m not only doing this for me, but also for the kids I get the privilege to coach. I want them to know that they can brave the elements and whatever life tosses their way – that road blocks aren’t permanent and that its all going to be ok.

call me crazy, but I’ve been an athlete for over 20 years of my life and one thing I know for sure is that if you keep going, you’ll see that goal come alive.

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