runneth over. 

sometimes, life just seems like a cup that runneth over. I had to look that one up. I didn’t know where the phrase came from u till tonight, though it’s one that we use in the English language enough, that’s for sure. 

I sat in the coaching launch at practice this morning puttering alongside the eight – filled mostly with kids (teenagers) who are new to the sport of rowing. I could have thought about how miserable it is to sit in a boat, clad in waterproof rain gear (and luckily still in Chaco sandals which I will wear far longer into the seasons than is surely appropriate). I don’t enjoy being soaking wet. maybe that’s half my aversion to swimming with a purpose – being wet for the sake of a sport. (though I do so much enjoy propelling myself forward, so I don’t have an aversion to swimming, as a sport, per se, but that is a story for another time). 

where am I going with all of this?

I coached this morning and I felt wholly present and even more than that, so grateful that I moved to this city 11 years ago and found this sport and learned to drive a boat and can confidently say that I have something to offer these kids doing this sport. it’s a pretty cold feeling that negates damp butts in launches and feet that feel like raisins for hours and even waking up in the 5’s to coach rather than do a workout myself. it makes me feel grateful and like my cup runneth over. 

I think when you consciously focus on the good, it’s easier to see it around you and maybe to feel this way. it’s just a hunch…

after practice I pulled my phone out – it was tucked away while on the water this morning because of the misty rain and slippery hands. I’ve already lost one spends phone to the big lake in town. we are going to try not to be 2-for-2 on this particular thing. I pulled my phone out at the end of practice once we were back on land to find a sweet, honest email waiting for me in my inbox. last night I shot off an email to a new friend and I was pleased to see her response waiting for me. I think I was particularly pleased because it was the kind of email I would send. so I got what she was saying. that kind of thing provides me with more comfort than I tend to realize but it’s in the realizing that I feel full. 

and tonight, as you’ll see in my photo for today, I had a giant salad for dinner. whenever I make a salad, it seems to be a giant one. I don’t actually care for preparing salads (or I would probably do it more often). I love cooking something more laborious and complicated. I like my food to either be a labor of love or as simple as possible. tonight’s salad was alright though. I used my hands to chop a few veggies and some garlic and shook the dressing. it left me feeling full in more than one way. 

now I’m going for an earlyish bedtime and an earlyish wake up and a longish run in the morning. tiny habits turn into good stuff and keep me feeling full. 

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