a sea of red. 

my staycation week was leisurely – I did some productive things and kept up my coaching duties, but I also slept in and admittedly, powered through and finished the Gilmore Girls series. one of the best things I did last week though was to stay on track with my running. knowing myself, I started off a little worried that without structure, I might also be too lazy and not workout, but instead, besides coaching, running was basically the only other constant in my week away from work. 

counting up the miles today, I realized I had hit twenty five for the week! 25 miles and I’m not feeling totally suck-tactic! huzzah. 

I know I still need to prioritize my PT work and get to doing it three times a week. and I also need to get to yoga class…but 25 miles – I’ll take it!

and today, I ran a really solid 10! I’ve been feeling a little frustrated for a while now – like muscle-y spots in my body have turned too flabby and like my weight has suddenly snuck up to a number I haven’t seen in a while. but in all honesty, none of it was sudden. not one bit. it is the culmination of almost two hard years – years in a yo-yo relationship that only heightened any insecurity I could ever have about myself. it is losing a bit of myself and my priorities in a hard time. it’s not suddenly and it shouldn’t be a surprise. not being able to run without pain and sometimes not even being interested in running should have been a sign – it was, and residual fitness helped me stick it out for a while, but lately, as I’m coming back to myself and taking proper care of myself and surrounding myself with good people, I know where I’m headed. 

about a month’s worth of consistent running in and a solid ten miler, my first double digit run in quite some time tell me that I’m on the right track…

after today’s run, I ran some quick errands and then sat down in what seemed to be a sea of red. I grabbed a coffee (see today’s Instagram photo) and sat down under a red umbrella, with my trusty red Believe training journal and reflected for a little bit. 

a sea of red isn’t something I usually embrace even though red is the color of my alma mater. I do bleed Badger red. during practice on Friday, I proudly donned my rowing unisuit, and today, sitting under the red umbrella literally surrounded by red – I felt it’s embrace. 

it’s getting late and I fear I’ve kinda missed my point – but I did want to share today’s photo and all of the goings-on in my brain surrounding it. 

goodnight, Sunday. 

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