back to school. 

I don’t have a ton to say today. I woke up a little late because I had the most restless night’s sleep in a long time – not able to really get to sleep until about 1am. that wrecked my 5-something wake up call and I didn’t run before work which meant I wouldn’t be able to join my friend for a strength workout afterwards. but…I made my coffee and admired all of the back-to-school photos popping up on the Internet as I ate breakfast and before I knew it, it was time to head to work. 

I was paked up and ready to leave in time to get to work in time, but I biked a few blocks away and realized I hadn’t packed a sports bra or socks for my run after work. I couldn’t remember if I had either stashed at work, so I turned back to get them. let’s say it was a rough start…all before 9am. 

but once I got to work I buckled down. I had made a really focused to-do list yesterday and it seems like ever since I’ve been adding new things to it just as quickly as I’ve been checking them off. 

maybe it’s being on campus or the start of the new school year, even if that doesn’t impact me directly, but nonetheless, I’ve got a new fire under me. fall is here! (almost…with the exception of the temperature)

after a good day at work I headed out for a run. the two goals I had when I set out were to shake out the soreness and stiffness leftover from Sunday’s run and to sweat a lot. instead of complaining too much about the weather, I decided to embrace it. sweating is good for the soul. I had a good run and got to see to of my favorite friends while I was out on the path, which became an added bonus. and then I biked home. 

I ate a weird dinner and made a call and I don’t know why I’m a little off with my time (as evidenced in my bike home when a man asked me for the time and I replied that it was “maybe 6:45” only to look at time a few minutes later and realize it was actually 7:15). anyway, I was cleaning up from dinner and the text sound in my phone went off – twice in a row. I wondered who was texting and realized it was my friend who I told earlier in the day that I would be in touch with later about our plans for tomorrow. i replied and then realized it was suddenly nearly 9pm. 

where has the day gone?!

I made myself a little hot toddy and decided to relax into it. I didn’t worry that I hadn’t even given myself time to take a photo today – instead I pulled out my kindergarten photo, in honor of it being back to school day for most of the kids I know. ahh, back to school. it feels good to welcome the students back to campus. maybe I’m finally old enough and far enough removed to appreciate it. it felt good today to run and to just accept that it wasn’t going to be spectacular – not for anyone. 

I suppose that back to school means change and at the moment I’m just taking it as it comes, going with the flow, and being present. 

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