it’s not about the pizza. 

I’m quite a bit past bedtime here tonight (as its nearly midnight), but I am still winding down from what was the most excellent Wednesday night. 

I had the idea to head out to Cress Spring Bakery for their pizza night and roped just the right person into coming along. She gathered a mighty crew and we ate pizza by the bitty light of the stars above us out in Blue Mounds. 

As we walked onto the grass there, I spotted a family I knew – a beloved family. I said hello and we have hugs and then I sat down with my adopted family for the evening (that’s how it seemed anyway – like an initiation into a wonderful new crew). We ate and laughed and drove and talked and it was just plain awesome. 

Times like these remind me how awesome it is to live in this place and remind me that it’s not even about the pizza – it’s about the connections, the way we come together, the kinship. 

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