we started practice for the team I coach almost three weeks ago, but this week feels especially special because now all of the kids have gone back to school and tonight we had our start of the season parent meeting. a year ago I felt like a fish out of water at the parent meeting. I didn’t not feel like a pet of the team then – but I did feel as unknowing as all of my novices and their parents. 

this year was totally different. 

maybe it’s that 2015 isn’t the year of 100 brand new things as the year past was for me. but part of me thinks that it has a lot more to do with the fact that this team has become like a family. and at the same time, I realize that I wouldn’t be where I am (a part of this CRRC team) without the Badger Rowing team that came before. 

last night, a Badger teammate of mine commented on a video some other teammates made my senior year. that video still makes me get teary-eyed. it really brought me back. those women – the women on the team while I was at the University of Wisconsin were my family and my support while I was there learning and rowing. just as the women who came before us are and as the women who come after will be…

just like the team I coach is now for one another. the community and the family and the support. 

and along with that, it’s good to know that this team will always have your back. today’s post is about the team you’ve got around you and it was also special because I hope my two former Badger teammates who are racing at the World Champs (towards Olympic dreams) know that their team always has their backs and is pushing for them always. 

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