thank god it’s friday…but only because when you go hard during the week, the weekend looks awesome.

lately (the past two weeks), i’ve taken a stance on how i spend my time. and a stance toward how i do or do not spend my energy. so far, so good.

it’s like this – who do i spend my time with? how do i spend my time? where do i spend time? what do i spend time on? and on top of all of these questions i might ask myself, i can also  go to, rather directly, the thing i posted about a few days ago. the quote from local life coach that went something like…

“if it’s not an enthusiastic yes,

then it’s a HELL NO!”

but seriously. i have a little weight from the world i’m carrying around right now. my sister is getting married in about a week. i have a cake to make. my grandma is in a hard place. this is real stuff – heavy stuff. and there are times in days when i feel like my body is simultaneously being dragged and my heart is being opened and also broken into a bunch of tiny pieces.

except that the last two weeks, or maybe even the last week alone has been grounding. if you’ve been following along here, you’ll have seen that…

i feel gratitude in light of hard stuff. and i feel family in spite of being far away from my born-family.

and most often i feel like i can more wholly and open-heartedly say yes to the things i want to say yes to and a big old “HELL NO” or polite and whole-hearted “no” to the things that aren’t serving me right now. Madison is like a big hug for me like that – literally and in theory. today i looked out on my city (a view i commented on as we drove into town late on Wednesday night) and i whole-heartedly said “i love you.” and also, dear god, tgif.

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