scratchy throats. 

the last week has been filled with all sorts of awesome. that should come as no surprise if you’re following along. today in the car coming home from a mini-overnight getaway, my youngest travel companion chimed in with a question/statement that was wise and he related it to what the eldest of us were taking to and at the same time it was the most authentic thing he could say as a young boy. 

the response, mostly from his mom was it is important to recognize the good things we have in our lives, to see where we have abundance and to be sure to recognize when maybe someone else needs some drops of that goodness in their bucket. overflowing with gratitude and love seem to be a theme in my atmosphere right now. I love that it keeps circling back, too. 

as I head into the week of my sister’s wedding, I’m thankful for my birth family and I am looking forward to adding to that clan when she and her dude tie the knot next Saturday. it’s going to be a crazy, messy, beautiful day!

and as I reflect on the week past (and the accompanying photos), it’s easy to see just how much there is to be grateful for in my life. from nature to this great city. from coaching to the family I’ve chosen here in Madison. I’m lucky. and I know it. and I’m so thankful. 

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