i throw a lot of faith and metaphor and energy into running and training and it’s one of those things that can also gives back what you put in. a lot of things are like that, actually. most things. and so its not surprise to find that when you stop investing in that one thing, you likely will stop seeing the same results. it’s a pretty simple equation. 

I bought this Believe training journal late last year in hopes it would help to reignite in me the flame for running that I once had. but who am I kidding? rarely do external things – items – motivate me. instead, a few weeks ago I read an article that sort of terrified me about how your body changes and the chemical things that happen when you stop working out. is been trying to get myself back into a routine already, but that was the kick in the tail that I needed. my health is too important to keep making excuses. 

I had the idea to pull this journal out again and to forget about all the weeks I didn’t workout and the few when i was working out but not logging anything. I made a goal to sit down after my first run each week or after my last one of the week and number the days on the calendar in the week ahead. that helps! and I’ve gotten into the habit of taking it one week at a time by writing up my time/mileage goals on a week-long dry erase calendar. 

running is like a religion to me. it’s the place I go to reconnect with myself, sometimes to connect with others, and just about always to convene with Mother Nature. that’s what it’s all about, anyway. I’m glad I kept the belief alive, flickering in the corner and I’m glad to have given myself another chance to get back on the wagon. 

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