eat local.

i think the foodie in me began somewhere growing up – cooking old recipes with my grandma and also not being wasteful – we cooked what we could together. she showed me techniques for making applesauce, cooking eggs, and everthing in between. and growing up, we always had a good, hearty breakfast. i didn’t think a lot about where my food came from back then and at the same time, i loved growing up in a rural area surrounded by fields of fresh vegetables. when i think of Wisconsin, one of the things I think about is farming.

fast forward many years to college when i began cooking for myself and, eventually, forming more ideas about the food i put into my body. some of that stemmed from being an athlete and figuring out the best nutrients and calories i could consume for a reasonable amount of money. i ate a lot of peanut butter, and lots of in-season fruit – when the apples were aplenty, i bought tons! later, i made a connection with a local farm and learned the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed meat. not only did i learn about it, but i eventually cooked it for myself and tasted the difference. now, about 7 years later, i’m a bit of a foodie, and certainly a little bit of a food snob – at least when it comes to some things.

i am picky about it, but i eat meat because i like it and because i can go to the farm and see how it’s raised. i understand the process and the work the farmers do to make the impact on the rest of the world really small. i eat local because i think it’s important to have the things you can grow here and see and to taste the difference. it’s a way of life for me.

this past weekend, in anticipation of a tiny day-trip, my friend bought up a bunch of apples. she told me she’d bring me a bag. we all munched on apples as we traveled and talked about eating the peels and all the way to the core and how eating something so fresh and local is so good for you.

i’m savoring each of these apples i eat. they’re the first sign of fall here in wisconsin. they are so crunchy and it’s amazing how sweet and yummy they are right now. i’ve got plans to go to the orchard and procure A LOT more.

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