I’m about to hit the hay, but before i turn in for the night, it’s worth mentioning that, whether you realized it or not, my little streak has ended. it wasn’t an intentional end, actually. I posted a photo a week ago from my sister and brother in-law’s rehearsal dinner and accidentally forgot to tag it. the next night I realized my mistake, but in a loving, wedding-induced haze, I decided to just let it go. 

if I don’t post about a happy moment everyday, does it even exist?

the answer is a resounding YES. 

I posted photos almost everyday of the last week, but instead of scrambling to find the perfect photo, i posted what I had. 

the truth is that straddling the joyous moments of the marriage of my sister and her husband there was a lot of real life happening. sure, time stood still and whirled by at monumental speeds from the moment we arrived at the farm until we finished cleaning up the next morning, but there was still so much going on around us. that’s life. 

I did my sisterly duties and then headed back to Madison Sunday to resume life. at the same time my Grandma was back in the hospital. friends were trying to push their boundaries and finish Ironman Wisconsin and so many other people were experiencing ups and downs of their own. 

am I sad my streak ended? perhaps! am I otherwise focused on the realness of life right in front of me – you betcha. 

I reclaimed reality Sunday night by staying up late and cheering on people I don’t even  know as they passed through the Ironman finish line. I spent time on Monday grounding. I returned to my kids (rowers). I stewarded a friends’ inspiring talk. Tuesday I went back to work and I was a friend and a family member and an exhausted human. sometimes you just have to be all the things and take on all the roles and just deal. 

Tuesday evening rolled around and Ispent about an hour taking to, or rather listening to a friend who has been dealing with a hard thing. 

Wednesday was a challenge and so was Thursday. today was thankgoditsfriday!!!

and you know what, even though it’s all not roses and unicorns and rainbows all of the time, the one thing this week has shown me, or rather proven, is that I don’t need a happy streak or even a happiest moment of the day to know that life is what it is and I’m right exactly where I need to be. 

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