about me.

what about me? well, i’m a nearly-thirty year old born-and-raised wisconsinite. i’ve been involved in sports for longer than i can remember. i’ve been obsessed with trying my hardest since playing hoops with my uncle in the driveway over twenty years ago. true story. i still think i won that game of HORSE.

i was a Varsity athlete in college, lettering three times as an openweight rower for the University of Wisconsin. so yes, i am a Badger. for life. before college i don’t think i ever ran further than 3 miles at one time. in 2011 i completed my first 50-miler. before that, i can still remember finishing my first half marathon and convincingly telling my family, “that’s the perfect distance! i will never have any desire to run a full marathon.” another true story.

(i still love the half marathon best)

these days, i’m still living in madison and loving it. this city is fit and active and always keeps me on my toes. i truly can’t imagine living in a better place. when i’m not running you can find me coaching high school rowing, yoga-ing, playing ultimate frisbee, cooking, eating, or hanging out with family and friends.

sometimes i joke that i run so i can eat. but when i really started running seriously, i had a goal to do this for life. i think i’m on the right track.


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