happy new year!

huzzah…and just like that, it’s 2015!

i was going to write a year-end post. and i was going to write a list. and then i wasn’t going to write a darn thing. but today i was having some realizations about the year past and the year ahead.

so, here goes.

i bid adieu to 2013 a bit over a year ago with a facebook post that said, “sayonara, 2013. you were OK, bit I’m certain 2014 has a lot more in store …”

and boy, oh boy, it sure did! (and yes, i did just use ‘adieu’ because i recently watched the sound of music [singalong] and that was awesome)

anyway, let’s do a quick recep: 2014 was pretty good. lots of changes happened in my life and hey, turns out i’m not totally afraid of change. i embraced that sh!t. early in the year i began actually friggen job searching. i had a good job, but it wasn’t really making me happy so i made the decision to make a change. i was turned down for one and then another and then, just when i thought maybe i was going to be a little stuck – the tables changed. i was offered a position and it turned out to be the bomb-diggity. like, i’m glad the other things didn’t workout, because this new job is pretty great.

also in 2014, i got my groove back. like – running-wise. i spent a bit of $$ getting some hands-on rehab/treatment. yesterday i woke up to run the new year’s day dash – a 5 miler to kick off the running year and let me say, first and foremost, the best part was maybe that it set a tone for me for the year ahead. and second, while i did go out and celebrate on NYE, i was able to get out there and run a solid race. boom! and while i was out there, i realized, it’s been a few months of running for me that i basically feel good most of the time running. and that hasn’t happened since 2013 – for sure!

and you know what else…i embraced change. i allowed myself to feel uncomfortable. it it paid off.

so yesterday, i started the year with a run and i deliberately brought along my “do epic shit” t-shirt along to wear post-race. it reminds me of the last time i really felt like i grabbed life by the horns and did some really awesome stuff. i think i earned it by either running the most miles in a day or over the course of the weekend – and it was just a time in my life when i was doing the stuff that made me darn happy. i love that.


so folks, i hope for you as i’m planning for myself – you can take some steps and do some epic shit. do what seems epic to you – it doesn’t have to be grand like running a silly amount of miles – just something that propels you forward. take a chance, try something new. go explore that thing that makes you feel uncomfortable or a little bit scared. smile from your head to your toes and everywhere in between. stand in the light. but please, let’s all agree to go for it!

you got this.