my favorite treadmill workout.

between my run streak and the weather lately, i’ve recently become reacquainted with the treadmill at work. i love that my office has a workout room – even though i don’t utilize it 90% of the year. in fact, in 2012 i tried to absolutely not use it at all. and i think i probably kept my use of it to less than 10 times that year. wow.

nonetheless, while trying to squeeze in at least one mile as the weather turned truly into winter during the month of December, i hopped back on. and while the first run there was just a mile, i think the next time on was two and then i decided that i had a half hour (our TM’s at work have a 30 minute limit) so i’d better use my time wisely.

it brought me back to a workout we had done in college when i was rowing. well, we would frequently do something like 3 X 10′ – 4/3/2/1 (minutes). each time that interval was up, you would change speed/effort.

on the treadmill, so far, my workout has gone something like this: 1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 minutes. i start out usually, at about 6.5 mph and bump it up one each time the interval changes. i realized that gets me just about a minute short of exactly three miles. not too shabby.

yesterday, the weather was like this:


and ok, that’s not even “the weather,” just a photo of how cold it was outside (before the windchill) on my way to work. oof!

so midday today, i hit up the ‘mill again – my boss was in the workout room getting his sweat on, too. i still can’t decide if that’s awkward or not. i am so used to talking to people when we’re working out in the same space (ex: running together) that i think i found it awkward. anyway, our department wins today for working out.

yup, i made that up.

nonetheless, i digress. i love this workout and i was thinking today that i should start trying to bump up the intensity a little – either by starting a bump or two higher or by having back-to-back 5 minute intervals in the middle (rounding it out to exactly 30 minutes of work). what do you think?

do you have any favorite treadmill workouts you do to save your sanity? oh, and up next, lifting…stay tuned!