i have this book called Meditations from the Mat: daily reflections on the path of yoga. my mom gave it to me a few years ago and i’m ever so slowly making my way through it. definitely not daily, but just like my yoga practice – i return to it when i need to. and every so often, i open the book and it’s like SPLAT, everything i needed to hear is right there. today was one of those days.


this morning the message was that, “sauca is the moment on our path when we begin to take the maintenance of our physical condition seriously.” the writer (Rolf Gates) goes on to tell us readers about some of his self-destructive habits and the self-sabotage he was experiencing and then how he had a spiritual awakening of sorts. he noticed people he admired treating their bodies well, having principles food, behavior, attitude, and beliefs. and much more. he says that he saw it as “an extension of the love these individuals felt toward themselves and others.” the part that struck me most was when he said that practicing sauca means turning beliefs into action.

i’ve been slow on this blog to talk about the past, hey, 9 months or so. i think mostly because i was in the midst of a transformation and frankly i couldn’t quite talk about it until i started to come to the other side. but once i read about sauca this morning i realized – that’s it! i didn’t consciously do THIS sauca thing because i didn’t KNOW what IT was, but i realize now that i began, in maybe March of last year, slowly grabbing ahold of my beliefs that got a little sidetracked and i began pulling them back to me and i started turning them into action.

one thing that struck me is that i have this piece of string tied around my wrist. i put it there as a reminder – i can’t remember when i put it there and i can’t even remember exactly what the reminder was except to be true to myself. but i think it’s been there for close to a year now. i see it and feel it and in the tiniest way it has been a reminder to keep on moving forward.

another part of what i read today that resonated was, “each step we take on this path is a step into the unknown and a confirmation of our ability to live a better life.”

i see that piece of string and i’m reminded that it’s ok to let go of the things that no longer serve you: bad relationships, overindulging, eating poorly, never going to yoga, not taking running and health seriously, not sleeping, staying in a job that doesn’t sing to you…

and this all relates to running as i’ve been trying to ramp up my mileage a bit recently and just a few weeks ago i realized that i’ve been running mostly pain-free for a little while now. it feels good to feel good and it feels awesome to feel more like the running me again.

i know this is, in part, to my awesome active-release doc and to me being patient, but also because i’ve been increasingly diligent in working to get back to this place. maybe that little piece of string also reminded me to keep taking steps, even baby steps, to change the path i was on.

so it really is about going for it. taking one step and then another step. and for me, always – that constant forward motion.