happy weekend!

usually, weekends for me are for long, hard workouts. 

last weekend i escaped town on saturday to race at dances with dirt about an hour away from home.

this weekend, i’m in door county, wisconsin and one of the things (besides doing a little work) that brought me here is to watch some friends race at sunday’s half iron-distance triathlon.

and while i sometimes (often) complain about having to own a car, i’m so glad it allows me these tiny trips.

i’m hoping to log some miles over the weekend….

but once in a while, i just need a break. to relax. and for me, this weekend getaway couldn’t come at a better time.

i got some good work done today. tomorrow i’m looking forward to spending a bunch of quality time with family. and on sunday i’ll partake in my favorite of the triathlon activities – SPECTATING!!

good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend!!!